710 Friendly means Hash Oil Friendly from the Urban Dictionary

When we think about 710 friendly, we might think hash oil friendly, ( from the urban dictionary ) or maybe Dabs or just by itself as 710. The term 710 initially got popular because 710 looks like the word oil when you flip it over in reverse. It is slang for smoking hash oil because of the number resembling the word oil upside down.

So, what’s the symbolism surrounding 710 Friendly and July 10?

It’s not the date that’s symbolic here or even the number that’s vital, Hash oil, Honey oil, shatter and Wax are concentrated extracts of Cannabis that are very mainstream these days in Canada’s dispensary scene. As each cannabis user on the planet knows the relationship between the number 4/20 and the incredible sticky green buds that they appreciate smoking. April 20th has been received as a day to celebrate 4/20. and has turned into the prime time of the day to spark up a smoke. However, there is a new number in town. The name 710 is rapidly turning into the number of choice for the cannabis connoisseur.

With Shatter being the driving path, (which is like concentrates, Wax and Bubble Hash) it is not out of the question that it is a derivative of marijuana’s gooey nectar. Extract’s do not seem to be any less safe than marijuana, which itself is often considered to be more preferred methods of intake.

Cannabis entrepreneurs responsible for increasing the fever are getting excited about 710 while being more than just 710 Friendly. Marijuana extractions are the fastest developing piece of the Canadian cannabis industry, with many dispensaries offering a vast amount of edible cannabis, while it comprises more than 50 percent of total sales.

710 Friendly Connoisseurs do not care for the massive attention that it has conveyed to the scene.

Because of this new trend reports are saying younger generation teenagers are catching wind of this super powerful oil or honey and they attempt to make it themselves. As we have seen, they fail terribly and do not do any research or get shown how to make the precious hash oil. Then. Kapow! Blow up their house, garage, or front room because they didn’t take the time to learn and fully understand the dangers that can happen when trying to do this at home and unsupervised. It makes the rest of us look like meth heads in the end because society automatically blames the parent for not watching the teenager property.

Cannabis is becoming legal in Canada and I’d like to remind our parents that marijuana is on this earth for its amazing  qualities and benefits. So, let’s teach our kids and anyone that might not be adequately informed about the real facts on cannabis.

After all, it is really about celebrating one more day with this spectacular 710 Friendly plant, that we call Cannabis.

This is especially important to the Folks at Pure 710 as it emphasizes the basis of our company’s structure. We feel that 710 is the next 420 and will continue to rise as Canadians learn to accept the nobility in the legalization of Cannabis.

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Updated 5/29/2018

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Here’s we found a fantastic interpretation of 710 and its history. The number 710 is defiantly the next 420 being as friendly as 710 friendly and its impact on the cannabis industry as we see it. The number 710 is no longer a number as it known for its name Seven Ten ( 710 ) as it is a true triumph for cannabis enthusiasts in Canada.