Cannaisseur Kief 2g



Pure 710 – Cannaisseur Kief 2 grams

Cannaisseur kief is made from the resin as well as trichomes that coat dry cannabis. Most importantly, they hold high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

As an illustration, take a look at the shimmery powder-like crystals collecting in the corners of your stash jar. Do you recognize them?

That’s kief!

Kief is probably the purest, oldest, and the most natural way to indulge in a concentrates or extracts of your favorite strain. In fact, it is simple to use, easy on the inhale and heavy on the calming effects.

Cannaisseur offers one of the purest forms of cannabis.  Finally, you will come to see that these precious potent particles pack a powerful punch.

Our kief is made from AAAA strains.

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