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Death Bubba Budder

Budder, a wax-concentrate variety, is now one of the most popular varieties of thc concentrates around right now. Typically created using butane or C02, budder is created by using a chemical solvent to “blast” through marijuana to get the thc, which is then “purged” with high temperature and air pressure to remove the solvent. Similar broad process can be used to create shatter and wax, with results that are incredibly different.

Budder wax is made when the removed cannabinoids start to crystallize after being agitated during the extraction process. Simply by purging it at a higher temperature or turning it like a mixture during or at the end of purging. Thus, you are left with a shatter-like concentrate can that lots of us dab today. Delicately but intently turning the concentrate and retaining a precise purging process can create beautiful, fluffy kinds of budder. You might like Diamond OG

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