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Pure 710 – Frosty Marijuana Strain

Not much is known about Frosty Marijuana Strain but supposedly its an indica-dominant cannabis. One thing that is certain is its buds are covered in a snow-like blanket of frost.

Allegedly Frosty marijuana has a pungent, herbaceous kush-like aroma, and its taste is said to be mostly sweet and earthy.

Those who have sampled this hard-to-find strain say that it leads to unignorable euphoria, motivation, and calm, and for some users it can be sedative.

weedandjoy said … 
Frosty, an Indica Dominant strain with purple and green colors covered by “Frosty” looking trichomes. Its’ high is very unique, giving the user a shot of happiness, making you very giggly. As the high gets stronger, the body becomes numb and worry free that will leave you in a “stoned” stage. Frosty has a very citric summer taste.



We are always searching for the very best in marijuana flowers for our loyal customers to keep you coming back to the best online dispensary that offers mail order marijuana in Canada. Summer is coming so Frosty marijuana strain sounds like an excellent choice.

Maybe you would prefer a nice Sativa


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