INDICA THC Capsule Contains 30 Mg MCT Oil 



PURE 710 – INDICA THC Capsule Contains 30 Mg MCT Oil

Indica THC Capsule Contains 30 Mg MCT Oil  and are an excellent way of consuming cannabis as an edible form, but without any of the flour, sugar, or any other ingredients posted in baking that can be harmful to those with allergies or those looking to keep their shape!

Each pill contains 30 Mg of decarboxylated cannabis powder, extracted through fractional distillation to maintain a purity of just THC compounds, excellent for dosing for specific purposes!

This capsule is composed of an Indica blend, so the medicating effect includes a deep and pervasive body stone.

It is excellent for pain and insomnia management, or for enjoying activities lazily such as movies or socializing.

You may enjoy a tasty Edible