Kush Oil Vape Pen Kit – Cherry Kush 1g



Kush Oil Vape Pen Kit – Cherry Kush Oil 1g

Kit includes
– 1g Cherry Kush oil cartridge (Indica) 77.5% THC
– charger
– re-useable vape pen / battery

Why CO2 extraction? Purity!

You are exhaling CO2 right now.

Evaporating CO2 from the super critical CO2 extraction process leaves no residual solvents.

Kush Oil is made only from premium bud – no additives or buffing agents are added.

If you’re a cannabis connoisseurs seeking the ultimate purity and quality, look no further … Kush oil is a connoisseur’ s dream.


Battery is fully charged and ready to use.

Avoid leaving the battery on the charger for over 24 hours.

  1. Battery is in safety lock mode. Press the button quickly 5 times in a row to turn the safety lock mode off. Press the button quickly 5 more times to turn safety lock mode back on. Safety lock can be useful to avoid accidental vaping when carrying the battery in your pocket or purse.
  2. If you would like to preheat the oil, hold down the button without inhaling for a few seconds. This is optional but it’s great if you want a SUPER toke.
  3. To vaporize, hold the button down while inhaling. Vaporizer will automatically turn off after holding the button down for 10 seconds to protect the battery from overheating.


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